The List of Finalists from Singapore | 2024 OCIYAC AWARD


OCIYAC (Organizing Committee of the International Youth Art Competition) has upgraded its operations significantly. In April 2024, OCIYAC signed agreements with prominent North American chain brands including Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Ross, Dollar General, and Kirkland. This initiative promises unprecedented opportunities and benefits for young artists.

Starting from the 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Award, all award-winning artists will have the chance to have their works produced as prints and related artistic merchandise, which will be sold in tens of thousands of chain stores globally. All proceeds from these sales will go directly to the artists themselves. This marks a monumental opportunity for artists who not only gain recognition on the international stage but also have their creations showcased to a wider audience.

OCIYAC remains committed to building a renowned international platform for artists, providing them with broader opportunities for development and exposure.

2024 OCIYAC 

International Illustration Award

The 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Award (S2) is co-hosted by the Contemporary Art Center of New York, the Asian Artists Association of the United States, the Kyoto Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Academy, the Youth Art Center of the Chinese Benevolent Association in the United States, the St. Petersburg Art Center in Russia, the Chinese Literature and Art Association in Japan, the Nampo Sumi-e Painting in Japan, the Tokyo Zui Mokuhui in Japan, the International Conference Hall in Japan, the Hiroshima International Calligraphy and Painting Exchange Conference in Japan, and the Tokyo Sumi-e Painting Mokuran-kai International.

The 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Award (S2) will contribute to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and provide a platform for global youth passionate about art to showcase their talents. In collaboration with the Staten Island Art Museum in New York, the competition will organize an art exhibition to facilitate international cultural exchange and inspire more individuals to actively engage in humanitarian relief efforts, making investments in our shared future. With the aim of expressing heartfelt desires for peace and prosperity worldwide, the theme of the 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition (S2) is Peace: History, Present, and Future, urging global attention to the rights and well-being of children.

In this challenging yet opportune moment, we believe that through the power of art, we can convey thoughts and aspirations for peace. Therefore, the theme for the 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition (S2) is set as “Peace: History, Present, and Future.” This theme is inspired by the expectations for the future of children and OCIYAC’s desire for a more harmonious world. — —OCIYAC



The List of Finalists from Singapore



From Roots to Harmony: Embracing Peace with the Rainbow Dove.

Ada Zhou

Peaceful future

Alicia Antil

Save the world


Beautiful view?

Alisa Meng Yu Li


Alison Pippi Dong

Unicorns and freedom

Alissa Wan Ting SHEN

Little Artist, Big Message: For a Green Tommorrow

Alliver Fong

Happy study

Amelia Lim Yi Hsuan

Echoes of Time

An Yihan


Ang Rui Xiang

Kingdom of robot

Angeline Aw Tang Lin 

The Lost Boat

Anita Ganesan

Starry Dreams

Annabella Sound 


Arella Kaur

Singapore is like a Utopia under a blue sky

Ariana Kwok

The War Child

Asher Tan

Reaching for peace

Ashton yihao li

Destory city

Audrey Wang Xue Yan


Avanthika Surjith Nair

Blossoms Amidst the Blast: A Glimpse of Contrast

Avery Kim

A Glimpse into the past

Avery Yeo

Elysian Echoes

Ayrah Lodah

Fading Hope


Beh En Xuan

War does not bring happiness

白欣凝 Jolie Peh 

Looking up to the sky

白芸  Bai Yun 


鲍泓博 Max Bao Hongbo

Time flies

鲍佳茵 Chloe Bao Jiayin

Life on the clouds


Caleb Ng Zhi Ying

Happy World

Caris Guan XinYue

Rainbow candy land

Celine Li

Better Tomorrows

Chai Tae Lin

Rebuilding the world

Chan Cheuk Hei

Last lesson of peace

Chan Shang Lin

Steep Hill to Climb

Cheng Jinyu

Echoes of Conflict

Cheng Xiwen

Two worlds,one heart

Cheong Kai Woon

War and Peace

Chiew Jun Hong Lucas

Harmonic Haven

Chloe Tea Tan Yong Er

Space Freedom

Claire Cheung

Harmony Above

Claire Pan


Clara Lim

Under the Same Blue Sky

Clara Ong

Lessons from the yesteryears

Crystal Lim

Lingering Trauma

蔡佩璇 Chua Pei Xuan Larissa

A Hidden World in a Crystal Ball

蔡欣霖 Leanne Chua

War to Peace

蔡欣芮 Kylie Chua


蔡哲洋 Cai Zheyang

The Jungle Ambush

曾美溪 Chan Mei Xi

My hometown

曾祺恩 Chloe Zeng


曾媛茜 Zeng Yuan Xi

Harmony’s Dream: Beneath Azure Skies

曾子睿 Chin Zi Rui

Spread Love, Joy and Peace

车启岚   Jasper Che

A Messy Earth

陈博先  Chen Boxian

Magic tree in the war

陈传翰 Teddy Tan Chuan Han

Price of Peace

陈何腾  Chen He Teng


陈家亮  Chen Jia Liang


陈家耀  Jerry Chen Jiayao

stick man universe

陈靖萱 Chen Jing Xuan Abby

The Story of Peace

陈俊熙  Chan Tjun Hei

Red war

陈可妮  Chen Ke Ni


陈可馨  Chen Kexin


陈令仪  Tan Ling Ee Isabel

the hungry girl

陈铭汉 Chen Minghan

The Call for Love in a World Touched by War

陈祺浩  Chen Qihao John


陈思成  Jerry Chen Si Cheng


陈思含  Chen Si Han


陈素君 Reina Tan

The Innocent Young Ones

陈薇薇  Vivian Chen Wei Wei


陈玟玏 Yunie Tano

The Bridge of Transformation

陈玟希 Shinie Tano

Undersea Dreamer

陈心宁 Serene Tan Xin Ning

Serenity in Shroomtown

陈昕  Chen Xin


陈欣悦  Chen Xin Yue


陈馨悦 Chen Xinyue

Echoes of Conflict: Reflections Through the Eyes of History

陈星亦Chen Xing Yi


陈雅琪  Chen Yaqi

Sunshine spreads the light of hope

陈一鑫 Chen YiXin

Peace and War

陈怡静 Natalie Tan Yi Jing

Peace Cafe

陈雨萱  Lucy Chen Yu Xuan

The Future World

陈语萱  Chen Yuxuan


陈樂璇 Belinda Chen

Past and Present

陈梓鑫  Chen Zixin

War is sweet to those who have never experienced it

陳家杰  Tan Jia Jie

Sweet Heaven

陳煦 Chin Xu (Chen Xu)

A New Animal World

陳奕凱  Chen Yi Kai

NO 暴力

程纯攸  Cheng Chun You


崔曹恩 Cui Cao En

神奇的霞光 The Magical Glow

崔晗可 Hannah Cui Hanke

Utopia Under the Same Blue Sky

崔芮溱  Zoe Choi Ye Jin

The word of peace

崔洧溱  Olivia Choi Yoo Jin

Fantasy world


Lost hope


Daniela Chan

Dream do come true

Darryl Yap Zhi Yi


Dong Xinyi

Magical World

Du Nian Ze

Sweet Ocean

Duan Siru

Secrets Within the Tree Hollow

邓恺俊 Tang Hoi Jun Wesley

The History of War

丁鉫倩 Emilie Ding

The Garden of Peace

杜明远  Lucas Du Ming Yuan



Eaint Pyae Pyae Phoo


Edwin Ng Yi Heng

Verdant Reverie


Our Utopia

Eiden Widjaja

Celestial Canopy

Elaine Yiting Feng


Elsa Victoria Lee

The Future City

Elvia Eldhose

Two Views of Reality: Harmony and Chaos

Emily Karim

Dreaming in Coral Waters

Emma Koh

Peace is what we need

Eric Dong

Voyage to Utopia

Eugenia Sean Gan

Candy Lands of Dream

Eva Sim

A Glimpse of Peace

Evan Gan

The Wonders of History

Ezen Lim Yi Xuan

Painting dreams


Fan Zicheng

Memories in ruin

傅𫍽葶 Poh Xuan Ting, Calista

Aquaworld: A Haven of Peace and Transformation


Gabbie Woon

As I look through

Gabrielle Khong


Grace Zhao

city destroyed by war

Guan Baohan


Guo Yang Xin Ran

Build the city

Guo Yike

Hamsters land in the clouds

高娅菲 Yafei Gao


谷綵婕  Ku Choi Tsit Charlotte

Underwater New Building


Hannah Shi En Qi

World of Peace

Hannah Wang

Knowledge is Key



He Zhuo Yun

War and Peace

Helena Zhou Yuening

Dreaming of Peaceful Paws

Hernandez Juliette

Torn Tranquility

Hiyori Soh Roy En

Vivid Resurgence: A World Amidst Dark Clouds

Hu Shu Ya

Sweet welcome!

Huang Jia Qi


Huang Motong

Hide and seek

Huang Xinyi

Recreating the future

Hudson Ding Zi Yang


Hugo Chua

Humans and Plants in Harmony

何姝 He Shu Eileen

Embracing a Simple and Serene Life

胡淼  Hu Miao



The Girl in the Peaceful World

黄结光 Jacob Ng Jie Kwang

Brave Village: Overcoming Hard Times

黄恺祺 Catherine Huang Kaiqi

Say no to war

黄美善 Alicia Deanne Lim Llorca


黄谦智 Ooi Qian Zhi

World Peace for my beautiful home

黄诗淇 Ng Shi Qi, Clara

Let’s Build Peace Together

黄诗琪  Shi Qi Huang


黄思雅  Trinity Ng Si Ya

Cracks into the past

黄欣悦  Huang Xin Yue

Peace And War

黄新雅 Huang Xin Ya

Sacred Redemption: Soldiers Amidst the Dark Clouds

黄綉霖 Wong Xiu Lin Sophie

A wish to ends all war

黄伊涵  Bella Huang


黄芷瑩 Wong Zhi Ying

Peace Connecting Wealth and Poverty



黃思涵  Selia Huang Si Han



Iris Marie Shan Li Hui Bon Hoa

Broken World


James Zhang

No Title

Jeanie Cheow Yunjin

River of Life

Jelly Liu Fan Qi


Jessica Jia Yuxuan

Erase slavery

Jethro Koh Rui Jie


Jeyahasini Karthikeyan

Bravery’s Path: From Battle to Peace

Jillian Alexandra Kwok 

Harmony in the Sky

Joelle Ng Yunjin

On the other side

Joelle Teo

With us together

Johann Ang

Children – our hope of redemption

Joshua Lim

My Utopia

Jovine Wee Jie En

Hands of Harmony: Closing the Divide

Julius Loh

When living ones go and lifeless ones come alive

Juniper Yerkes

Squirrels at play

Justin Choo Hoi Fung

Repeated History

蔣荟暄 Cheo Hui Xuan Verrisa

Beachside Utopia: Animals at Play

焦浩洋 Jiao HaoYang

Magical Wonderland

金彤 Angela Jin

Hope for Peace


Dance of Diversity


Kanaya Delia Pelenkahu Nugroho

Let’s build peace

Karen Teh

Utopia: the place we call home

Kayla Koo

Transcend Barriers

Kim Han Gyeol Dan

Dawn of hope

Kim Youl (Eric)

Little angel’s wish

Kingsley Moa Junjie

Better World

Kiu Sum Denise Wu

Two worlds Under The Same Sky

Koo Xin Yu Kayla

Peace through diversity

Kristhia Yeo


Kyra Tan

Emerald Oasis


Lauren Tan Xin Lei

Azure Harmony: Embracing the Realm of Dreams

Lee De Han Theodore Lee

Peace with dinosaurs

Lee Ho Ning Nicole

Peace and Tranquility

Lee Yee Faye

Castle in the sky

Lennard Siah

Clouds of terror

Letrena Lim Yu Xuan


Li Cheng lin

Breathe Again: Hope’s Gateway Beneath Dark Skies

Li Hsueh Jung

Dream Interpretation

Li Hsueh Ming 

Ice Dragon Clan


Demon Angel

Li Wenwen Vivian



The world I want to see

Liev Ng Yu Jie




Lim Qiao Ying

Let’s advance to a utopia !

Lin Shi Kai

Safety bubble

Lin Ximiao

Angel of World Peace

Lin Zi Han

Utopian Realms: A Harmony Beneath Azure Skies

Lin ZiXuan


Lincoln Foo Jie Hui

Unity’s Voyage: Journey to a Better Earth

Linda Zeng

Harmony Amidst Chaos

Liu Qihan

The two sides

Liu Siyu

Unity in the sea

Liu Yi Man


Liya Foropon Martin

Past Reflections

Lo Jing Le

A mysterious island

Loh Teng Jun

A World Without Pollution

Loh Yi Wen Abby ⁠

Piecing Peace Together

Lucas Liang

World peace

Lucy Rimkus

Eye of the Bright Tomorrow

Lui Jian Ru

Hope in the ruins

Luna Phillippa White

Our Planet at Peril

Lyona Li YueTong

the magic village

赖佳萱 Lua Jia Xuan Charlotte

Shield for the Raining Bullets

赖科利 Kaylee Lai Ke Li

The Time Travelled Girl – 文明之息

李承毅 Lee Cheng yi

City of Utopia

李佳睿 Li Jiarui

Parallel world: War and Peace

李家億 Aeacus Adriano Lee

Stop War

李嘉恩 Lee Jia En

Harmony Over Conflict: Choosing Peace in a World of Differences

李婧妍 Melody Li


李然  Rachael Li Ran


李文心  Wendy Li Wenxin


林晨郗 Edgar Lim Chen Xii

The Difference between Peace and War

林俐善 Isabel Lim Li Shan

Rabbit Adventures in Tree Holes

林雨㛓 Nozomi Lim Yu Xii

Civilization between a House Cat and a Stray Dog

林钰馨 Eleanor Aubrey Lim

The Eye of Egypt: Past, Present, Future

刘非 Fei LIU

The veil of War

刘鎧德Low Kai De


刘俐煊Low Li Xuan


刘淇卉 Clara Liu

Tears of War

刘若伊 Fairy Crystal

Castle of Fairytopia

刘颖惠 Amanda Liew

Wars Impact: Art of Change

刘芋汐  Liu Yu Xi

The awakening world

刘悦珊 Sarah Liu

希望之光 – 文明之息

刘梓宣 Liu Zixuan

Motherly Love

劉翰辰 Hanson

War and Peace

娄宇铭  Eric Lou Yu Ming


娄宇炫  John Lou Yuxuan


陆佳琦 Ruby Lu Jia Qi

Sands of Hope: A Child’s Redemption Beneath the Dark Clouds

罗恩凯 Loh En Kai Aaron

Childhood Lost to War

罗俊杰 Riley Loh

A Boy’s Journey Beyond the Stars


Mabel Pan

The world’s next united generation

Maevis Chew

Gude Power!


The Utopia of the Future

Mahathi Kannan

Dessert Fairies

Marion Low

The Umbrella of Hope

Martin Chen

The Quest For Peace

Matthew Liow Zi Hao


Melissa Ngein Wen Wen

Let Freedom Take Flight

Mia Zi Tsing Yuan

Fragments of Time

Michelle Di

Ashes of Childhood

Michiru Jinnai

A Feast for Peace

Myra Maheshwari

A better tomorrow

牟紫萌 Angela Mu Zi Meng

Eyes of History




Naomi Chan Sun-Wing 

Please, Set Me Free

Natalie Tang 

The Metropolis City

Nathan Jiang 

A Boy’s Encounter with Enchanted Allies

Neyeiri Ziyue 

No Title

Ng Joon Yuen, Juan 

A Reflection on Peace and Unity

Ng Sze Yong 

Azure Dreamscapes

Ng Yan Lok Carol 

Futuristic Underwater World

Nicolas Haoxuan Zhang 

Above the rainbow

Nivanshi Sundeep Dua 

Journey to the new world

Norah Loh 

Brighter Tomorrow

Nur Arisha Binti Mohamed Radzif 

Glimpse into The Revolution


Oliver Fong

The future house

Olivia Howe

Dream of Dovish Land

Ong Au Lee

Set me free


Pham Trang Anh Louisa

Friends in the Woods: A Camping Adventure



Pua Wei En

The Treasure Cave

彭可筠  Mico Peng


彭宣义 Phang Xuan Yi Jotham

Dinotopia – A World in Harmony

朴星烨  Stanley Men Park

The Choice