Unfolding the TREE ART Story: Art Education Redefined

We are more than an art school. We are pioneers, educators, and cultivators of artistic talent. Established in 2015, our mission has been to revolutionise the realm of art education in Singapore, and infuse happiness into learning. We believe in the power of art to inspire, educate and shape future creative minds.


Founded on the concept of “from education to happiness,” TREE ART quickly emerged as one of Singapore’s most respected art education brands. Our distinct approach, a unique blend of international art courses developed in partnership with some of the world’s top universities, sets us apart. We provide comprehensive online and offline art education through OMO dual channels, paving the way for a holistic and flexible art learning experience.

At TREE ART, we envision a new breed of art education, one that inspires innovative artistic ideas and practices, moulds future artistic talents, and cultivates aesthetically-savvy individuals armed with multidisciplinary knowledge. Our dream is to integrate art, education, science, and technology seamlessly into life, making art education accessible to all.

Our Unique Concept & Values

Freedom in Art

We believe art education should promote aesthetic ability, personal accomplishment and freedom, offering an expressive medium for life experiences. Our diverse art courses stimulate children’s creativity and broaden their world view.

Lifelong Learning

We are dedicated to developing independent thinkers and global participants, utilises a unique REMAT curriculum. This spiral curriculum, suitable for comprehensive learning of children aged 2-18 years old, ensures each course is tailored to students’ age and psychological characteristics.

Nurturing Skills

Our Approaches to Learning (ATL) foster self-directed learning, encouraging students to develop core skills: thinking, communication, social interaction, research, and self-management

Digital Integration

TREE ART leverages Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) learning, combining technology, proficiency, and innovative classroom environments to position our students at the forefront of global arts education.

We also work with technology partners like Exabloom to provide the best digital experience for our students and parents. 

Our Education Philosophy: The REMAT Course System

REMAT: An Innovative Spiral Curriculum

Our proprietary REMAT course system draws its inspiration from the Spiral Curriculum model proposed by renowned American educator & psychologist Jerome S. Bruner. It is meticulously designed to align with students’ age, physical and psychological characteristics, allowing us to offer hyper-targeted professional courses and classes.

This curriculum accommodates the long-term study needs of children aged 2-18 years, with a commitment to shaping them into independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and global participants.

Our Unique Method – Our ATL

At TREE ART, we do more than just impart knowledge; we teach how to learn. Our unique Approach to Learning (ATL) prepares our students for autonomous learning. In contrast to traditional ‘knowledge education’, likened to ‘giving a fish’, ATL equips our students with the ability to ‘fish’ – imparting the knowledge of how to learn.

In our TREE ART-ATL system, students develop a balanced set of five critical skills: Thinking, Social, Communication, Research, and Self-management. This approach facilitates a well-rounded learning experience, nurturing them to become adept learners and creative thinkers.

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