Terms and Conditions


“Tree Art” or “Centre” means any legal entity, which operates programmes/ lessons under “Tree Art”, or “Tree Art International Pte. Ltd.


– All new students must pay a Registration fee of SGD 80.00 (before GST) at the time of enrolment.
– All paid Registration fee and Course fees are non-refundable.
– In the event of student withdrawal, Registration fee and Course fees are strictly non-refundable. Any remaining Course fees may be transferred to another one (1) existing student who has been enrolled in Tree Art for at least three (3) months.
– Students who have withdrawn for more than three (3) months and subsequently re-enrol, will be considered as new enrolment .
– In the event of overdue payment, the Centre has the right to refuse students from attending a lesson. For any late payment, the Centre reserves the right to impose an administrative fee of SGD 80.00 (before GST).
– All fees, including Registration fee, shall be subjected to GST and/or any other taxes that the Singapore government may impose.
– Registration fee and Course fees will be reviewed and adjusted from time to time by Tree Art, in its sole discretion as it deems fit.


– A maximum of two (2) replacement lessons every three (3) months without a medical certificate, travel document or school letter is allowed. After which, a copy of the medical certificate or school letter MUST be presented for the replacement lessons’ application.
– Replacement lessons MUST be utilised within two (2) months from the actual lesson date, otherwise forfeited.
– Short Term Lesson Suspension due to travel is permissible. A copy of the flight ticket will be required as proof for replacement lesson application. – Long Term Lesson Suspension is permissible in the event that student has to travel overseas for more than two (2) months. The Student’s current lesson schedule might not be available upon lesson resumption. Parents may re-apply for a new lesson slot upon return.

– Strictly no refund of Course fees if the student is absent from the lesson (due to any reason), makeup lesson, Short or Long Term Suspension. – The Centre reserves the right to provide a relief teacher for any regular lesson or replacement lesson.


– Course fees shall not be refundable in the event that the Centre closes due to any infectious disease outbreak, such as SARS, HFMD, or COVID, or for uncontrollable circumstances, such as earthquake or unavoidable outages etc.
– In the event of such Centre closures, the Centre reserves the right to arrange for replacement lessons.
– Lessons as usual on gazetted public holidays unless otherwise advised by the Centre.


– The Centre reserves the right to transfer, combine or dissolve a lesson.
– The Centre reserves the right to modify the lesson’s duration or cancel the lesson if there is just one student.
– Centre reserves the right to make teacher adjustments within short notice should the circumstances warrant the change.


– No recipient of learning materials could be copied, reproduced, modified, distributed, performed, or transmitted in any way without Tree Art’s prior written consent. Unless otherwise stated, Tree Art owns ALL the intellectual property and/or licensing rights to all materials in various formats distributed or used during the conduct of our programs, workshops, and seminars.
– The activities taken place during lesson time may be video recorded and/or photographed, at the Centre. Parent/Guardian acknowledges that Tree Art owns the rights to any created works, videos, and photos in which the Student may appear, and grant their permission for Tree Art to use these materials for academic, training, and marketing reasons as it deems appropriate.


– Tree Art is not responsible due to any act of God, armed conflict, labour unrest, strike, fire, flood, drought, lockout, tempest, or other occurrences beyond Tree Art’s reasonable control.
– Although Tree Art takes reasonable measures and precautions to ensure the safety of our students, Tree Art and/or its Staff shall not be held liable foranyharm,orinjurywhileengaginginanyactivity,loss,ordamagetostudents,parents,oranypersonaccompanyingthestudent. Allstudents, parents, or any person accompanying the student shall be responsible for the security, safety, and use of their own personal property while on Centre premises, during lessons or on field trips.

-Allmedical,allergy,nutritional,andotherspecialneeds(physical,mental,oremotional)of thestudentmustbetheexclusiveresponsibilityofthe parents, and student. Tree Art and/or its Staff shall not be held liable for ensuring that the Student complies with any medical treatment in any case of emergency.
– Tree Art and/or its Staff shall not be held liable in regard to any harm, injuries, or illness.

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