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Tree Art’s Mission & Vision

TREEART hopes that everyone in the team will love life and art. It is impossible to bring the happiness and joy to our students all the time if we do not love our own lives. “Art comes from life and is higher than life”. We believe that taking care of our own life is the best way to find out the art in the life.

At TREEART, we give students the opportunity to show their artistic talents, and also provides teachers in the team with the opportunities and platform to show their talents. When teachers bring their own happiness through art, they will know how to lead students to happiness. Once becoming an excellent artist in one’s own life, they can become an excellent art teacher.

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Our Beliefs & Values

TREE ART believes that becoming an artist is not the only end for learning art, it is more important to improve one’s own aesthetic ability and personal accomplishment through aesthetic education. You can paint for any reason, to record your mood, share your life… The real responsible aesthetic education should be based on freedom, centered on children’s self-consciousness, and stimulate children’s imagination and creativity through various art courses and activities, through which children can understand the diversity of the world.


Our Philosophy

Children who are always tolerant and curious about the world, and eager to change the world through their creativity, are more likely to succeed in the future, find a more suitable way of life, and ultimately reap a happy life.

We believe that people who are learning or have learnt painting are always love their lives, because painting is a good way to communicate with themselves. When people are immersed in the process of painting, they will forget the pressure and anxiety on real life. When only the painting tools are left in their world, they can hear their inner voice more clearly. Only by knowing more about ourselves can we know how to embrace ourselves with happiness.

Academic Standards

At Tree Art, we are constantly seeking to improving. Our school have agreement links with prominent art schools in Singapore like Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts & SOTA. 

If you are thinking of entering these schools, we have a tailored made program for you. 

All our students will go through a rigorous learning process mirror after the highest academic standards of local art schools in order to achieve the best results. 


Technology In the Classroom

With the breakthrough in technology, we offer both online and offline lessons. 

You can choose to learn from the comfort of your own home or take a class at one of our physical locations. 


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M-F: 12pm – 10pm


A very BIG Thank you to Tree Art teachers for allowing Kyler the freedom to unleash his creativity. We like how the kids are encouraged to input their own ideas and personality into their own artwork.

The lesson themes are also very unique and engaging, relatable to children’s world, allowing them to learn something new every week.

Each time I pick him up, I look forward to seeing Kyler’s paintings. The artworks are well-diversified, and they incorporate the use of different mediums and styles.

Teachers at Tree Art are also very patient and attentive, Kyler enjoys art even more than before!

Ms Lim on Tree Art's Creativity Development

Thanks to the teachers of Tree Art for enriching my child’s spiritual world, deepening their understanding of everything and the ability to express themselves through their works.

We really appreciate your help through the journey of portfolio preparation allowing Anthony to successfully get into the school of his choice with the DSA programme!

Ms Liu on Tree Art’s DSA Programme

We like the concept for Tree Art’s online classes. The diverse teaching methods and the interactive classroom atmosphere immediately caught my girl’s attention.

We were surprised how she was able to follow through so well over the 1-hour class every week. The small class ratio also made it possible for her to connect with teacher throughout the class.

Kudos to the teachers for making the online classes so enjoyable!

Mr Tan on Tree Art’s Online Lesson & Customer Service

Painting is one of the best early education courses to cultivate children’s imagination and creativity.

My child has been taking art classes at Tree Art since she’s 3 years old. The teachers at the school are kind, professional and patient, and the entire curriculum is also diversified and comprehensive.

Not only were there weekly classes, there are also outdoor drawing sessions to holiday classes. There are also internationally acclaimed competition platforms to open up my child’s art vision, where she gets recognized for her paintings.

After a period of study, the child’s drawing level has improved a lot. Thanks to Tree Art and every teacher for providing us with a great learning experience!Mrs Koh on Tree Art’s Learning Experience

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