China – France International Children’s Art Competition

“China-France International Children’s Art Competition” is organized by Academy Cultural and Exchange, co-sponsored by WHITEL L Gallery in Paris, France, and IMPETUOUS Magazines in France. It aims to create an international platform for artistic exchange, with art as its starting point, fostering an international perspective. Through cross-cultural artistic exchanges, it promotes positive interactions in the artistic creations of young children and teenagers both domestically and internationally. This competition consists of two stages: the preliminary and final rounds. In the preliminary round, artworks are evaluated by an international panel of judges online, and selected entries move on to the final round. In the final round, the international panel of judges will collectively select the award winners during the on-site evaluation, which will be documented throughout. Additionally, the final round entries will be featured in a large-scale exhibition.





01 Preliminary rounds are free; electronic versions of artworks are eligible for participation. The entry fee for the finals is $60 SGD per piece (an exquisite art book and certificate will be awarded to all finalists). Original or replica works are accepted for the competition.

02 All entries can inquire about the results after the results announcement is made on the organizing committee’s public account.

03  Finalists’ works will be part of the Outstanding Works Exhibition (Exhibition certificates will be awarded): Wuhan, China special art exhibition (specific venue and time to be announced separately).

Finalists will receive the following benefits:
01 Exquisite bilingual art collection. 
02 Officially issued honor certificate. 
03 Students who win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the finals will receive an officially issued award certificate and medal. 
04 Final round judging photos, audiovisual materials, and media interview materials will be provided. 
05 Finalists will participate in the award-winning works exhibition at Wuhan Exhibition Hall and provide relevant photos and videos of the exhibition. 
06 Finalists will have the opportunity to take photos and interact with members of the international art jury. 
07 Finalists and their parents can participate in offline interactive exchange activities of the Sino-French International Children’s Art Competition. 
08 Students who win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the finals will have the opportunity for a “study tour” with renowned international artists (self-funded).

Participant Eligibility:
 Children aged 3 to 16 who have a passion for art (nationality and region are not restricted), open to primary and secondary school students as well as kindergarten students.

Competition Themes: 
“A1” and “Love” (Choose one of the two themes) 
“A1”: Technology, Future, Creation, Connection, Intelligence, Automation, Interpersonal Interaction, Data Analysis.
“Love”: Family, Friendship, Romance, Paternal Love, Maternal Love, Parent-Child Relationships, Friendship.Types of Artworks: Various forms of painting (no restriction on painting styles, size should be A3 or 8K without mounting, exhibition artworks will be uniformly mounted by the organizing committee), limited to two-dimensional artworks.

Artwork Requirements:
For the preliminary round, only one image of the artwork is required (with a minimum memory size of 1MB). The submission format should be JPG or PNG. The original artwork should be in the size of 8K or A3 (approximately equivalent to the size of two A4 sheets laid flat). The submitted artwork image will be printed on the exhibition certificate, and the organizing committee will not make any adjustments. Participants are requested to ensure that the photo of the artwork is taken and cropped perfectly before submission.

Judging Principles:
Preliminary Round Evaluation (Finalists are selected by an international judging panel online). Final Round (Winning artworks are selected through offline scoring by an international judging panel).Award Criteria: For every one hundred artworks, there will be 10 first-award winners, 20 second-award winners, thirty third-award winners, and several honorable mentions.

Award Categories:
01 First award, Second award, Third award, Honorable Mention
First, second, and third-award winners will receive certificates, medals, and art collections.
Honorable mention recipients will receive certificates and art collections (art collections will be awarded to all finalists).

02 Group Evaluation:
Group A: Preschool Group (Ages 6 and below)
Group B: Children’s Group (Ages 7-9)
Group C: Preteen Group (Ages 10-12)
Group D: Teen Group (Ages 13-16)
The competition is divided into 4 categories based on the age of the participants, and each category is evaluated independently.

03 The competition also includes an Excellent Mentor Award, which is awarded based on the mentor’s guidance and the performance of their students. The award is officially presented by the French authorities.