A World Without Cancer 公益艺术大赛


4th March 2024

HPV is the human papillomavirus. Almost all of us will have HPV at some point and while for most of us it isn’t harmful, HPV is linked to several kinds of cancer. 

The vaccination of HPV (Human Papillomavirus) has the potential to impact the elimination of certain types of cancers worldwide, particularly cervical cancer and other HPV-related cancers. 

Preventing HPV infection: HPV is a leading cause of many cancers. Vaccination helps prevent HPV infection, thereby reducing the risk of developing these cancers.

Herd immunity: When a large portion of the population is vaccinated against HPV, herd immunity can lower the transmission rate of HPV, reducing the risk of future cancer cases.

Reducing cervical cancer incidence: Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, nearly all of which are linked to HPV infection. HPV vaccination can decrease the incidence of cervical cancer and ultimately eliminate this cancer threat.

Decreasing incidence of other HPV-related cancers: Besides cervical cancer, HPV is associated with many other cancers. HPV vaccination can reduce the incidence of these cancers, lessening the burden on individuals and society.

Raising public awareness: Promoting and educating people about HPV vaccination increases awareness and acceptance, encouraging more individuals to get vaccinated and further decreasing the incidence of HPV-related cancers.

About “A World Without Cancer”

SATA CommHealth is a charitable healthcare organisation in Singapore. We are here to care for the health of seniors and the vulnerable in the community.

A4HPV is an action-oriented Alliance to join in the fight to eliminate HPV and cervical cancer, with a goal to develop Singapore’s very own Action Plan to Accelerate Cervical Cancer Elimination.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cervical cancer and work towards creating a world without cancer.”A World Without Cancer.” 

Campaign Details

1000 Cervical Cancer Elimination Angels & Warriors:

Children will create art pieces envisioning “A World Without Cancer,” symbolizing their commitment as “Cervical Cancer Elimination Angels & Warriors.”The goal is to raise $100,000 by showcasing the 1000 art pieces on Giving.sg. Donations will be accepted via Giving.sg will be channeled to SATA’s efforts in improving access to preventive healthcare in Singapore.

(Giving.sg is a one-stop national giving platform which supports over 600 registered non-profits in Singapore, ensuring that online giving is safe, meaningful, and simple for our donors. All donations are eligible for 2.5 times tax deduction when you provide your full name/company name and full NRIC/FIN/UEN number at the point of contribution on Giving.sg.)









A World Without Cancer

SATA CommHealth 是新加坡的一家慈善医疗组织。致力于照顾社区中的老年人和弱势群体的健康。

A4HPV 是一个以行动为导向的联盟,旨在加入消除HPV和宫颈癌的斗争,其目标是制定新加坡独有的行动计划,加速消除宫颈癌。

让我们携手努力,在抗击宫颈癌的斗争中发挥作用,并努力创造一个没有癌症的世界。“A World Without Cancer”



孩子们将创作艺术作品,展望“A World Without Cancer”,象征着他们作为“宫颈癌消除天使与战士”的承诺。目标是通过在Giving.sg展示这1000件艺术作品,筹集10万美元的资金。通过Giving.sg接受的捐款将被转移到SATA在新加坡改善预防保健的努力中。



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