World Heritage (French: Patrimoine mondial) is managed by UNESCO and is divided into natural heritage, cultural heritage, and a combination of both. A site must be of “outstanding universal value” to humankind worldwide and must be geographically or historically recognizable and of special significance to be inscribed on the World Heritage List. World Heritage sites can be ancient sites, historic buildings, cities, deserts, forests, islands, lakes, mountains, and wilderness areas. World Heritage sites are set up to protect these places for future generations from damage caused by human or animal intrusion, unauthorized, unmonitored, administrative negligence, etc.

In 2019, to commemorate the 160th anniversary of the creation of Singapore Botanic Gardens, then the only World Heritage site in Singapore, the Asian Art Association (AAA) organized the World Heritage Live Painting Competition 2019 with the support of the National Parks Board of Singapore. Nearly 300 art enthusiasts created numerous outstanding paintings at the World Heritage site.

World Heritage is a gift from nature and a treasure of humanity. In order to promote the importance of protecting World Heritage to more people, AAA once again held the “World Heritage Painting Competition”, inviting UNESCO experts and World Heritage theme painters as jury members, welcoming artists and art lovers from all over the world to create works with related themes, calling more people’s attention to World Heritage protection through art. We welcome artists and art lovers from all over the world to create works with related themes. All outstanding works will be collected into an album for the collection. Let’s use art to call more people’s attention to world heritage protection.

Asian Art Association

Painting Enthusiasts of All Ages from All Countries


Haejae Debbie Oh

Dr. Sumera Jawad 

Eeva Kouvalainen

Jose Elgueta

Catalina Vasquez


December 31, 2022 – Open for Registration

March 31, 2023 – Application Deadline
April 15, 2023 – An Announcement of Winners


Adult:18+ yo



Certificate and Album

🏅️GOLD – 10%
Certificate and Album

🥈SILVER – 25%
Certificate and Album

🥉BRONZE – 60%
Certificate and Album

BEST CREATIVE(Several)Certificate
BEST COLOR(Several)Certificate
BEST FRAMING(Several)Certificate
BEST MENTOR(Several)Certificate Album


$49 SG DOLLAR / ¥260 RMB

– Please carefully read the “Convention on the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage” announced by the United Nations (there is a link at the bottom of the official website of the competition), and create related thematic works after deeply understanding the significance of protecting world cultural and natural heritage.

– “World Heritage” can be natural heritage, cultural heritage, and composite heritage announced by UNESCO, or any site or culture that has the potential to become a World Heritage.

– The competition is divided into age groups: Preschool (3 to 7 years old), Children (8 to 12 years old), Youth (13 to 17 years old) and Adults (18 years old and above).

– Scoring criteria: 30% for Theme, 30% for Creativity, 30% for Artistry and 10% for Description.

– Scoring method: The judges will rank the entries according to their scores.
– Out of every 100 works, 5 for PLATINUM, 10 for GOLD, 25 for SILVER, and 60 for BRONZE will be selected. There will also be several awards for the Best Creativity, the Best Color, the Best FRAMING and the Best Mentor. AAA has the right to adjust the number of winners according to the number of entries and the painting level of each group.

– Each participant can submit two pieces of artwork in this competition. More pieces of artwork should be uploaded separately.

– Works can be expressed in any way, regardless of form.

– The size of the entry must be A3 (297mm x 420mm), both vertically and horizontally.

– Entries must be in JPG or PNG format, with a resolution of no less than 300 dpi and a file size of no more than 10MB.

– Please submit a one-paragraph text description (maximum 100 words) in Chinese or English for each entry.

– The competition registration fee is 49 SGD, which is non-refundable once you have successfully registered.

– Please make sure that the information submitted is true and accurate, and a fee of 10 SGD is required for each amendment to the entry information (including but not limited to name, group, etc.) after the submission of the entry form.

– If there is any infringement, the creator will be responsible for the legal responsibility and has nothing to do with the organizer except recovering the reward according to the law.

– The finalists will have the right to collect, exhibit, publish, etc., and will not pay any remuneration or royalty for future use.

– Please fill in the information in the certificate of appreciation carefully, and contact AAA immediately if there is any mistake.

– AAA has the final right of interpretation of this activity. By registering for the competition, you indicate that you will abide by the rules and regulations and the final selection results of the organizer.

Reference information:
World heritage list:https://whc.unesco.org/zh/list/
Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage:

World Heritage began with the Convention on World Heritage adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO on November 16, 1972, and entered into force on December 17, 1975. The International Commission on Cultural Monuments and Historic Sites and the International Union for Conservation of Nature, as cooperative organizations of UNESCO, participate in the selection, management, and protection of World Heritage sites.

By 2021, there are 1,154 World Heritage sites, including 897 cultural heritage sites, 218 natural heritage sites, and 39 complex heritage sites. By region, Europe and North America topped the list with 528, followed by Asia and the Pacific with 277. The Republic of Italy has the most paintings with 58, followed by the People’s Republic of China with 56.

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