Since the spring of 1835, with the publication of Hans Christian Andersen’s first book, “Fairy Tales Told for Children,” his fairy tales have been shaping the childhoods of generation after generation for a remarkable span of 188 years. The spirit of Andersen, safeguarding the growth of countless individuals, continues to resonate. This renowned literary and artistic genius, Mr. Hans Christian Andersen, has never truly left us!

As an internationally acclaimed art event, the 2023 Andersen (International) Art Award has officially launched its global call for submissions. This edition will center around the theme of “MEET,” aiming to create a breathtaking and heart-stirring “Encounter with Andersen” journey for millions of art creators and enthusiasts from various countries around the world.

ABOUT H.C.Andersen Art Award 2023

 International authoritative art awards, world-class cultural and artistic awards.

The Andersen (International) Art Award was founded in Odense, Denmark, by the Denmark H.C. Andersen Culture & Art Committee, in collaboration with the Denmark H.C. Andersen Society (Copenhagen). It is a prestigious international annual art award established to commemorate Andersen’s achievements in culture and art, as well as to recognize international artistic creations.

The Andersen (International) Art Award is open to art enthusiasts worldwide, aiming to support and encourage the creation of outstanding artworks through the influence of Andersen’s culture. Simultaneously, it seeks to inspire the creativity and imagination of young children, youth, and art enthusiasts through Andersen’s fairy tales. Through artistic creations, it showcases their fairy tale dreams and their longing for a beautiful world, while also discovering the future artists.


Denmark H.C. Andersen Culture & Art Committee
Denmark H.C. Andersen Society (Copenhagen)

Event Management

Andersen (International) Art Award Executive Committee

Supporting Organizations

Odense City Museums, Denmark Andersen Culture & Art Center
Sinebjerg Foundation, Denmar Nordic Times


Singapore Youth Children Education Association
TREE ART (Singapore)

Exhibition Venues

Copenhagen City Hall
Aarhus City Hall
Odense City Hall
Haining Cultural Center
Copenhagen China Cultural Center
Danish NEXT Education Group Confucius Institute

Award Categories

Honorary Creative Award

Regarding the nominated works, the Executive Committee will select the Andersen (International) Art Award Gold Prize, Silver Prize, Bronze Prize, and Excellence Prize (Finalist Award). The organizing committee and the Executive Committee will present honorary certificates and award the recipients with the Andersen (International) Art Award Medal (Andersen Memorial Medal).

Academic Guidance Award
The guiding teacher is awarded the Andersen (International) Art Award Academic Guidance Award, which is presented with an honorary certificate by the organizing committee and the Executive Committee, along with the Andersen (International) Art Award Medal.

International Jury

Competition Rules

1.Participation Method: Open to children and youth aged 3-18 worldwide, as well as youth art enthusiasts aged 18 and above. The main form of artistic expression is painting, with no restrictions on theme or style. Winners will be invited to participate in the “Andersen International Art Exhibition” and will receive an exhibition gift box awarded by the organizing committee. Participants can also take part in cultural and artistic exchange programs organized by Andersen International.

2.Age Groups: Preschool Group, Elementary School Group, Middle School Group, High School Group, Youth Group.

3.Artwork Format: A3 size (297mm x 420mm), following the international standard A3 paper specifications.

4.Registration Method: Registering through the TREE ART campus.

5.Artwork Submission: Electronic photographs of the artwork should be submitted, in JPG/PNG format, with a file size not exceeding 5MB. After the award selection, the participating artists need to submit the original physical artwork to the China Regional Executive Committee.

6.Artwork Requirements: Original and authentic. By submitting the artwork for this event, participants are deemed to have agreed to the rules outlined in the call for submissions.

7.Different types of artwork may have varying evaluation criteria. All artworks participating in the exhibition will not be returned. The author retains the right to be credited for the artwork, while the publishing rights and usage rights belong to the organizing and hosting organizations.

8.Evaluation Criteria: The Andersen (International) Art Award selection process will be based on the evaluation criteria established by the Executive Committee.

9.Entry Fee: S$48 (The fee includes organizational guidance, expert evaluation, certificates, and medals.)

10.Exhibition Fee: S$325 (The fee includes overseas shipping costs for international exhibitions, framing costs, participation fees, exhibition documentation, exhibition trophies, etc.)

With Andersen (International) Art Award
– Participating from dozens of countries and regions, a globally renowned art award.

Benefiting from the widespread influence of “Andersen,” the Andersen (International) Art Award serves as a global art exchange extravaganza and is the most important and influential promoter of Andersen’s culture. Currently, this award is being held in multiple countries including Denmark, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. It is greatly loved by local youth and young artists, attracting over 100,000 submissions annually. It has become a significant event in global art exchange and is hailed as the “Oscars of Youth Art”.

– World Art Masters Boosting, Luxurious Jury Lineup

The Andersen (International) Art Award boasts an incredibly prestigious jury lineup with global influence. It includes Finn Andersen, Chairman of the Denmark H.C. Andersen Culture & Art Committee; Claus Tilling, Chairman of the Denmark H.C. Andersen Society (Copenhagen); renowned writer Stig Dalager, among others. The award also receives support from prominent figures such as representatives of the Danish Order of the Golden Rose, the President of the Sinebjerg Foundation, and garden designer Mariann Arp Stenwig. Esteemed musician Morten Lambæk is among the globally renowned celebrities who actively support the award.

  – International High-level Art Exhibition, Heavyweight Exhibition Venues

The Andersen International Art Exhibition is an important component of the Andersen (International) Art Award, aiming to promote the exchange and collision of cultures and arts from different countries, and cultivate more artists with an international perspective. Currently, the Andersen International Art Exhibition has successfully held multiple high-level art exhibitions in venues such as Copenhagen City Hall, Aarhus City Hall, Odense City Hall, Haining Cultural Center, Copenhagen China Cultural Center, and the Danish NEXT Education Group Confucius Institute. Wherever it goes, it has generated enthusiastic responses from the local community, receiving wide acclaim and a good reputation.

-Continuous coverage by authoritative media, powerful social influence.
The Andersen International Art Exhibition has received coverage from official media outlets such as the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the magazine “Chinese-Foreign Cultural Exchange” under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the cooperation partner “Nordic Times” of People’s Daily Overseas Edition. These reports have highly praised the exhibition’s promotion of Sino-Danish cultural and artistic exchange. Additionally, the Andersen International Art Exhibition has been widely disseminated by media outlets such as China Daily, China News, China Education Network, and People’s Education Network.

-Endorsements from influential individuals, providing valuable support for future development.

As an internationally authoritative event, the Andersen (International) Art Award enjoys high recognition and wide acclaim globally. It not only enriches participants’ event experiences and personal growth but also enhances their international background and serves as a comprehensive endorsement for their overall development. Additionally, the event has received recognition and recommendations from teachers, international schools, and art education institutions. It serves as an important highlight in students’ artistic and aesthetic education and social practices, laying a solid foundation for their future applications to prestigious schools and their path to becoming international elites.

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