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TREEART hopes that everyone in the team will love life and art. It is impossible to bring the happiness and joy to our students all the time if we do not love our own lives. “Art comes from life and is higher than life”. We believe that taking care of our own life is the best way to find out the art in the life.

TREEART gives students the opportunity to show their artistic talents, and also provides teachers in the team with the opportunities and platform to show their talents. When teachers bring their own happiness through art, they will know how to lead students to happiness. Once becoming an excellent artist in one’s own life, they can become an excellent art teacher.

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With the development of The Times, people gradually realize the importance of “aesthetics” and begin to attach importance to aesthetic education for children. As one of the the largest art academies in Singapore, TREEART not only takes it as its brand responsibility to educate children to discover, create and appreciate art, but also to spread the importance of aesthetic education and improve the overall artistic accomplishment of the society.

Our teaching methodology

heavy empahsis on listening and interactions

TREEART wants to explore children’s inner world through “creative art” and teach children to express themselves through arts. Different from the traditional teaching ways, TREEART pays more attention to listen to children. We try to find out the stories behind children’s works through the interaction between teachers and students. We firmly believe that each work is a corner of students’ inner world. In every interaction with the students, our teachers not only pay attention to the process and the final works, but also observe the improvements between their works and the growth of their characters.

“Painting is the most primitive and basic carrier of art, and also the most intuitive, direct and easy way of expression.” children learn to express their thoughts through painting from an early age, even though adults don’t understand. TREEART’s courses are to understand the child’s world through two-way interaction, and to provide parents with an opportunity to get closer the child’s world when the children explain their work.

We may not be able to fully understand what the children are thinking about, but TREEART respects the their wishes. We believe that copying and imitating is an underestimate of a child’s potential, so we try our best to give them the space and freedom for children to create, there is  no limits for children when they using their imagination. Only the child’s subjective wills and thoughts will make the decision for their work, which is truly and totally belongs to themselves. The ability to communicate with yourself and listen to your minds at any time will give you the ability to embrace



What Parents are Saying

“Love the interactions the teachers are having with my child! ” 

– Ms Huang


– 张女士

“My 5 year old enrolled into the easy art course and is loving his sessions with the teachers! Thank you Teacher Mei for your kind guidance of Lucas.” 

– Mdm Tan




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