2023 IYAC TOP International Illustration Competition in New York

IYAC has a strong academic background supported by Contemporery Art Center of New York, Asia Artists Association of USA, Kyoto Chinese Painting And Calligraphy Academy, Kyoto International Conference Center, CAFC Youth Art Center, St. Petersburg Art Center, St. Petersburg, Russia, Japan Chinese Literature and Artists Association, Japan Southern Wind Ink Association, Tokyo Drunken Ink Association, Japan International Cultural Exchange Association, Japan-Hiroshima International Calligraphers Association. A high-level annual art illustration event co-sponsored by the Hiroshima International Calligraphy Art Exchange Association and Tokyo Ink Society.

IYAC has received more than 50,000 entries from more than 20 countries and regions, and has invited more than 30 international artists from five continents to serve as jury members to make an open and fair selection of all the entries and finally arrive at the winners. IYAC is an important event for global art exchange, with activities in dozens of countries and regions, including the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and Thailand. The IYAC TOP International Illustration Award will be one of the most important art events in the Asia Pacific region and the world, in terms of scale, quality and influence of the entries.

Winning or being selected as a finalist in the 2023 IYAC TOP International Illustration Competition will be an important honor in your life!

Dr. John Francis Larner 
(Chairman of the IYAC International Jury)
Marko Milatovic 
(Vice-Chairman of the IYAC International Jury)
David Kaye (USA) 丨 Liam Birch (USA)
Blake Rooker (Sweden) 丨 Sarah Meisel (Russia)
Scott Garcia (USA) 丨 Marcus Ford (USA)
Jack Watson (USA) 丨 Derian Russo (Italy)
Emma Durand (FRA) 丨 Kenny Wilson (UK)
Chloe Anthony (UK) 丨 Quentin Brown (Germany)
Mиxaия (RUS) 丨 Patrick Smith (IRE)
Mathias Navis (NED) 丨 Jerome James (AUS)
Abelard Miller (Austria) 丨 Lena Muller (Switzerland)
吉野英士 (Japan) 丨 北原苍介 (Japan)
泽野弘之 (Japan) 丨 长谷川 (Japan)

1.The IYAC TOP International Illustration Competition Award has further improved the process and refined the categories of entries.

1st MAY – 15th AUG 2023

15th AUG – 1st SEP 2023

SEP 2023

2. The preliminary evaluation will be divided into five rounds, and the finalists will be announced by the
Executive Committee of IYAC TOP International Illustration in New York after each round.

3.Selection criteria: The expert jury follows the international (USPAP) standards and has developed a new judging criteria with independent intellectual property rights in conjunction with the authoritative

1. Competition themes

1) Fantasy Technology
2) Alternation of seasons
3) Parallel worlds

2. Cash Reward

The IYAC TOP Competition will have a cash prize pool of $12,000 to be awarded in the form of 13 separate prizes, as follows.
1 TOP Full Prize
– 5,000 USD

2 TOP Creative Thinking Awards

-3,000 USD

10 TOP Visual Awards
– 100 USD
3. Entry Categories
A: Children’s Group (under 6 years old)
B: Elementary School Group (7-12 years old)
C: Middle school Group (13-15 years old)
D: High School Group (16 – 18 years old)
E: Professional Group (18 -25 years old)
4. Work Requirements
Format: A3 (international standard A3 size paper, size 297mm×420mm). After the award-winning works are selected, the exhibitors should submit the original works in paper format to the Global Executive Committee.
Registration method: Submit your work through the official WeChat public number registration port or the global major sub-regions.
5. Application Fee
Free of charge for the preliminary evaluation stage(The institution/school mentor will be responsible for the initial evaluation and review)
➢ After the finalist review, the judging fee is S$48 (including judging, certificate, medal, etc.) to participate in the “Final Award for Outstanding Work” competition.
All finalists will have the opportunity to participate in the offline exhibition in New York, USA.
Award Selection
Theme 20%
Color 20%
Composition 20%
Technique 20%
Creativity 20%

This year’s competition will go through three rigorous evaluations to select winners for the “Creative Award,” “Best Works Gold, Silver, Bronze” and “Excellent Works Award.” Awards will be given out in the form of medals and certificates.

Global uniqueness: The award certificate contains the name of the winner and a photo of the exhibited work, with a unique and exclusive code for online verification and a security stamp to ensure the uniqueness of each certificate. The certificate is signed and stamped by the international co-organizing unit, demonstrating its international certification, with higher and wider international recognition.

Global Limited Edition: The IYAC award badge is designed by top international designers and once cast, will never be reproduced. It is a limited edition version that is worth collecting permanently.
1. Student Award
Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, Rising Star Award, Excellent Award, and other awards.
2. Academic Guidance Award
The academic guidance award of the 2023 New York IYAC TOP International Illustration Competition is awarded to the instructor, and an honorary certificate will be issued by the organizing unit and the executive committee.
3. Awarding of honor plaque

The 2023 New York IYAC TOP International Illustration Competition Executive Committee will select the global outstanding avant-garde art award organization and award them an authoritative plaque.
※ As the creative forms of various types of works may differ, the evaluation format will also vary accordingly, based on the final evaluation requirements. The right to sign the work belongs to the author, while the publishing and usage rights belong to the organizing and hosting units.
International Exhibition

A: International co-signed exhibition certificate
B:Authoritative letter of recommendation: signed by Dr. John F. Larner, Lifetime Professor of the National Endowment for the Arts, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New York Contemporary Art Center, and Chairman of the IYAC International Jury, with the names of the exhibitors marked in the letter. (The letter of recommendation will be able to testify as international endorsement, background enhancement and other materials to meet the needs related to climbing the rattan and studying abroad, and provide endorsement for students’ interview, study abroad and employment. It will provide a solid foundation for participants to apply to prestigious universities and go to the international elite road in the future.)


Contemporary Art Center, New York, USA
Asian Artists Association of America
Singapore Youth and Children’s Education Association
Kyoto Chinese Painting And Calligraphy Academy
Kyoto International Conference Center
CAFC Youth Art Center
St. Petersburg Arts Center Russia
Sino-British Cultural and Art Exchange Center
Japan Chinese Literary Artists Association
Japan Nanfeng Ink Painting Association
Tokyo Drunken Ink Association
Japan International Cultural Exchange Association
Japan-Hiroshima International Calligraphy and Art Exchange Association
Tokyo Ink Painting Inkan Society
Exhibition Venues

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 
Whitney Museum of American Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 

Whitney Museum of American Art

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